The homebrew turbojet engine

These are the first impressions from my latest project. I will try to convert an ordinary turbocharger into a turbo jet engine that hopefully will produce enough thrust to move something. There ist still a lot of work ahead und problems to be solved as an oil supply for the turbocharger and some instrumentation to measure EGT, boost pressure and thrust. Why should one try to do this? To see if it can be done! To be honest, this has been done before by several people on the web but I liked the idea of building my own one. The result will probably be pretty useless but nevertheless a worthwhile experience. But now to the facts:

This picture shoes the compressor wheel. The wheel is much smaller than I expected it to be
The impeller is still very dirty, the engine it came from was obviously pretty worn and blew alot of oil back into the intake system.

This is the compressor housing after some cleaning. The impeller fits snugly into the cone shaped inlet duct. The Turbocharges is a KKK ( today they call themselves 3K warner I believe ). It was installed in a VW GolfII. The bearings seem to be in bad shape, but for some experimenting this should be of minor significance.

In order to attach a combustor to the turbocharger a manifold has to be made to direct the jet of hot gas into the turbine volute. I use 2" threaded tubing for that. In the picture I just placed the ellbow on the flange to give an impression of how it should look later.

This is the flange I made from 14mm steel, designed to meet the flange on the turbine housing. Attached to it will be the shown 2" ellbow but I still have to find someone to weld the parts together for me...


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