Power controller

Here you can see an attempt so design an integrated power controller for my tesla coil.
I used the two variacs for some time with my former versions of the tesla magnifier but I had them just standing on the floor wired with the RSG and the power supply HV transformer. This worked but not only looked untidy but was dangerous due to the exposed terminals and was not a good idea if you want to move your apparatus to different locations.
The case is a 8 hight units 19" rackmount computer case I turned sideways and removed the 19" mounting flanges. Due to space limitation the two variacs are mounted with an offset, the big one on the bottom and the small RSG controlling one mounted inverted on the top cover. The case could be a bit more sturdy but it was what I had on hand.

Here I have mouted the contractors and some terminal blocks and started the wiring of the components.
There are two contractors switching each phase of the HV transformer current and one for the RSG supply. The space inside the housing is very limited and forces a somehow strange arrangment of some components but will lead to a pretty handy unit.
When finished the unit will incooperate metering of input voltage and current for both the HV feed and the RSG.

Sometimes you run out of components you had been laying around for decades without use. I happened to lack some proper sized voltmeters and ended up with two meters for current and only one voltage metering device. I will use a toggle switch to choose between monitoring the HV feed or the RSG feed. To make things worse the voltmeter is a DC instrument, I use a small rectifying circiut with a variable resistor in series which I calibrated to show AC values on the DC scale. This is not very accurate but has to last until I find something better.
The strange arrangment of the instruments and buttons is due to the limited space inside the cabinet.

Another view, almost finished.