The Junkbox coil and other odd stuff

    This is a small TC made from ( almost ) junk parts. It uses a 2" dia secondary, a scrap wire primary and 11nF Tank cap on a 8KV 40mA OBIT. The coil performed exactly as expected... ineffective. Only 10cm sparks could be observed.

    The professional high voltage brick is only standing there to shield the sparkgap, this didn't really help.

Here is another view of the setup: Here the jakobs-ladder stype SG gan be seen.
This proved to be a very bad quenching solution and might be the cause for the low output.

This special pic ended on this page though it shows the first working setup I ever had.
I had the primary for my first coil ready but no secondary coil. I was realy eager to see it working and I used a tiny 2" secondary with ca 600 turns. Way too small for this system but it worked very well at low power.

This is Daniel who came over to eye up my latest creation and posing for the mandatory picture...

This time with me in the foreground.