Magnifier Project Continued

    The coil running at 2,5KVA:

    This is a newer and better picture of the magnifier with a different resonator.
    The streamer in this picture is almost 3 feet long, breakrate was 400BPS

Ark in the dark picture. Sorry for the bad quality, but this pic shows a streamer hitting the ceiling almost 5 feet away from the toroid, the best documented performance sofar.

This picture shows the new SRSG design and the Maxwell HV capacitors.
Currently I am using 3 of these caps for a total of 90nf 35KV
The impromptu saftey gap across the caps is made from 1/4" soft copper tubing and stellballs from computer mice ;-)

This is a pic that shows me next to the whole setup. In the lower right the blue container for the 6-MOT-supply can be seen
Since then I added one toroid to the one on the secondary coil but tests are still to be done.