Halloween 2005

Here I set up the tesla magnifier system for Halloween 2005.
This was at an event that was held for the first time this year and one of the organizers asked me if I could bring the coil.
The deal was basically for me to bring the coil and for him to make space and power available, so there was nothing to loose.
Addtionally a acquaintance who works as a photographer came along and took some pictures, which are supposed to be of better quality than the ones I made,
I will try to put some better pics up when I receive some copies.

Another shot in the dark with the coil running. My cheap digital camera just can not capture the streamers very well. Additionally the streamer extends to the opposite site and the choppy wind limited streamer lenth even more.
The good news is, that everything ran pretty good that night, I fired the coil up some ten times for one or two minutes. Current draw was limited to 16A at this location, but the subjective visual impression was pretty good.
The resonator coil was elevated with the toroid at ca 3m above ground.
After all, nothing burned down and everyone lived to tell about it.

Here are finally two pics pf better quality- However, conditions were not ideal but nevertheless worth the effort.
You can tell from the way the streamers extend to the back of the top terminal in which direction the wind was blowing.
This picture was taken using short duration time exposure.

Another one, closeup showing benjo effects as hot plasma rises upwards.