The "hypnotoad" magnifier Project

  • The Hypnotoad:

  • Inspired by the "hypnotoad" as seen on Futurama, episode "the day the earth stood stupid".
    In this episode a huge toad appers two times and it makes really impressive noises.
    The sound reminded me of a high power tesla coil with a low BPS RSG run indoors ;-)
    Later, when I ran the magnifier for the first time with my new RSG the sound instantly reminded me of that toad and I decided to name it after it.
    BTW: I don't really know who owns the rights on that animation, so if I misappropriated this, please let me know and I will take it off my page.

Closeup view of the oscillator. The coil is made of 140 turns of AWG 16 insulated, stranded wire wound on a 8" PP tube. It has a 12" dryer ducting toroid on top to supress corona. The primary is an inverted cone made from 1/4" soft copper tube and is the same I already used with my normal coil.
The coupling is pretty loose for magnifier use, but I don't have trouble with secondary to primary strikes and the performance doesn't seem to suffer too much.

This picture shows the whole setup. The extra coil is the secondary from my ordinary coil but with a much bigger topload ( could be even bigger )
Please note the extremely professional "high voltage" paper bin the resonator stands on ;-)

This pic should show the coil in action.
But "luckily" the flash of the camera and the white walls make it allmost impossible to see what's going on there
As it can be seen the coil employs a normal static gap, streamers were about 1 foot long. After changing to my RSG I got streamers in excess of 3 feet in length hitting the ceiling
I feel like this is pretty good for 0,7KVA input power, 30nf tank cap and 200BPS ARSG
With my ordinary setup I only get up to 2 feet. I tried the setup with my MOT supply but that wouldn't run at all ( only 5" streamers )
I believe this is due to the low voltage of that supply. The MOT's do 8,5KV and the OBITS do 10KV.
I will try to upgrade my 4Pack MOT supply to a 6pack and the RSG to 400BPS...I hope to get better results then.
Maybe I can get another 30nF cap so I can run an equidrive configuration. More pictures soon :-)