83nF WIMA MMC proof of performance

Here is the half finished MMC, the 10 strings, consisting of 12 WIMA FKP1 caps each, can be seen. The caps in each string are directly glued to each other, the 10 strings are not connected and will be mounted on two boards with 5 strings. Despite of the proximity of the individual caps, I had no problems with heating or arcovers sofar.

Here the finished MMC is mounted in the base of the driver unit, the Maxwell caps were a lot smaller, but finally no more fear from exploding caps and oil mess.

This is a random pic of the coil running at roughly 2,7 KVA, streamers are limited by the ceiling and are bright and hot.

The same with the lights on. This is to further illustrate the situation.
I get hits to the jacobs-ladder to the left every 2 or 3 seconds, but though I made almost 20 pics, not a single one shows this phenomenon.... murphies law I guess.