More new magnifier pics

In the picture to the left three interesting things can be seen.
The first and most obvious one is the big carbon track on the secondary coil that arose during the first test runs when misfrings of the RSG caused so big bangsizes that the isolation could not withstand. Arcs that occour here are pretty violent and usually destroy the coil after one or two strikes. This is not really a problem, the secondary will be rewound anyway to remove the problems with decreasing wire tension.
The second thing is the coarse but definitely "high current capable" tap I made from tin plated copper bar.
The last detail is maybe a bit hard to see. In the center of the picture where the primary starts you can see a teflon sleeve I attached to cover the sharp edges of the copper ribbon and to avoid flash overs.

This is an overview of the controll console that I use to operate the coil. You can see the power controller, my ( not really ) good old solartron tube scope and the obligatory fire extinguisher.

This pic was taken during an experimental run with a different topload. I am slowly reaching the point where the bad quality of the topload limits the spark lentgh. The streamers hit the ceiling aproximately 3,5 feet away from the upper toroid. This equals 3,5 times the resonator coils winding length. Input power was around 2 KVA with no PFC.

Just another video of the coil running