Magnifier Experiments

First tests with the new magnifier, this is the 5", 850turns resonator with double 12x6cm topload.

Closer view of another streamer.

The other 600 turns 8" resonator coil with 12x6cm toroid and 30cm sphere and breakout point.

Single streamer from topload without breakout point.

Some heavy transmission line stikes. Performance is still well below the design specs, and a lot more tuning is indicated.... but after all it runs without setting itself on fire, what else could I ask for ;-)

It turned out that most of the trouble was caused by an odd power transformer error. After I removed the defective MOT from the 6MOT stack I got streamers in the 4 to 5 feet range. This pic was taken using a RQ-style static blown gap which workes better than I expected. The picture quality is pretty bad, so you have to take a closer look to see how far this streamer reaches out.

Watch it working at 2KVA!