The minicoil

This is a small 2"(5cm) coil I built some month ago from some scrap parts.
The secondary is by far not perfect, there are 2 or 3 places where the wire overlaps and the lower part has experienced several primary arcovers.
Nevertheless it keeps running and serves me for some experiments that I would rather not do with my big coils. The primary cap is made up from 10 WIMA FKP1, 100nF units that are rated 650V AC / 1600V DC each. I had tried the MKP10 type before, but the connection between the connection wire and the cap's foil is to weak to stand the heavy discharge currents.
Power source is a 8KV, 30mA transformer and the coil employs a multi segment
static spark gap.
Primary is a helical coil made from 9 closeound turns of 1mm magnet wire. Topload is a 7cm metal sphere.

The coil in operation, producing forked streamers to a target 8 or 10 cm away. What could one expect?
Made from crap, runs like crap... ;-)
But cool for small experients anyway and pretty reliable on long runs.

The same in the dark. The streamers appear much brigther to the eye than in the picture.