Redesign of the resonator coil

As I currently have to wait for some components I need to finish the driver unit, I decided to use the time and build a dedicated support for the resonator coil. Until now the resonator coil was standing on a paper bin or similar insulating objects. This not only looked ugly but was very instable which resulted in some dents on the toroid...
The new support also incooperates the attachment for the L3 base toroid. The lower part of the pipe is only press-fitted into the wooden base and can easily be exchanged with tubes of different length.

The base is finished with black and clear varnish and I made a connection point for the transmission line.

This is another secondary coil I wound for use with my tesla magnifier, which is 1300 turns on 5" diamater sewer pipe. I orignially wanted to wind it 900turns, just like the original coil, but the devil took me and I wound until no pipe was left. The oly coating is one layer of polyurethane varnish, mot for stability than for insulating purposes.