Alex Boeckelers Tesla Magnifier

This is the tesla magnifier from GTL-Member and fellow coiler Alex Boekeler with whom, amongst others I exchange bits of tesla related talk quite frequently.
We started building our magnifiers pretty much at the same time, but his took much longer to complete as it outlplays my little magnifier at least by the order of 3.
The copper ribbon used as primary conductor is the same as with my coil as he kindly helped me out with a length of this stuff when I needed it.

From what I know about the design specs, chances are good, that his creation will by far not suck as bad as my magnifier does, though this is just my personal impression and there are no spark pictures yet.

Another view of the system.
For those interested, here are some specs:
L1=10Wdg 60x0,8mm copper ribbon
L2=31,6mH Dia.80,5cmx 100cm 250Wdg with covered in 2,4mm plastic film
L3=67,3mH Dia.32cm x165cm 1075Wdg
main Topload: 150x31cm
lower Topload: 73x17cm
The sphere on top of L2 is made from salad bowls and was fitted for experimental purposes.

Video footage from one of the first test runs